Employee List

The list is arranged alphabetically by last name without maiden name and then alphabetically by maiden name. In an effort to reduce potential Spam email from this posting, we have substituted the @ symbol with (at). If you have any corrections or additions please visit the contact page. Please let us know what you are comfortable posting online. Thanks for making the reunion such a great time!

First Name Last Name Maiden Name Years of Service Phone E-mail
Marilyn Block 71-74 mjba1from(at)msn.com
Dan Burdick 61-64 burdickbunch(at)comcast.net
Chuck Conn 62-65 eaglecmi(at)att.net
Jim Conner 720-338-4499
Nino Conner 65-68 Lync41(at)msn.com
Roger Drotar 59 rldrotar(at)att.net
Tom Duggan 53 tduggan(at)regis.edu
Dave Dunning 2 Days Novagater(at)comcast.net
JoAnn Gourd 73 joanng(at)sspr.org
Fred Holman 2 years ch3085(at)aol.com
Rick Losh 69-71 rickloshsigns(at)msn.com
Bill Lucatuorto 70-71 william.lucatuorto(at)prodigy.net
Gene McAndrews 1year gmland(at)aol.com
Dave Morton 59-62 dmort0374(at)aol.com
Mervin Perkins part time mervinbp(at)msn.com
Cindy Pfeifer 2-3 years
Cindy Pfeifer 66-67 303-252-9926
Phil Pfeifer 6 months prpfeif(at)yahoo.com
Mark Pratt 9 months
Charlene Reed 60’s Char0451(at)comcast.net
David Rowe 3 Years yetidare_80128(at)yahoo.com
Scott Shreevew 77 shreeve1(at)msn.com
Art Sickler 2 years artsickler(at)juno.com
Ron Stierle 48-77 rstierle(at)netzero.co
Don Thornton 51-52 donald2(at)mindspring.com
Gary Walter 5 Years dmgdwalter(at)aol.com
Pat Lounders Arnold 1 year pat.lounders(at)cdps.state.co.us
Joan Raser Bradley 55-56 joanraser(at)coldwellbanker.com
Sharon Rogers Buford 60-62 303-422-4461
Marie Ann Sprinkle Calabrese 55-61 mimisprinkke(at)comcast.net
Sally Jo Carroll Carroll 62 SallyJE(at)Comcast.com
Maggi Scarpello Conner 65-77 mscarpello(at)vectrabank.com
Carolann Sinclair Earp 68-69 Csinclair(at)nostalgichomes.com
Judy Kaeser Frisk 57-60 jrkaeser(at)hotmail.com
Debbie Lumpkin Gilmore 68-71 DebbieL02(at)msn.com
Suzanne Anderson Goeddel 52-53 303-422-5022
Marthena (Skeeter) Keberle Hastings 49-51 mlk(at)msn.com
Charlotte Islingman Haymond 63-66 Billandchar(at)comcast.net
Elaine Whitehouse Haymond 63-65 G.Whiteholisre(at)comcast.net
Bonnie Kramer Heintzelman 3 years 303-424-2399
Sandy Sirhal Horton 64-67 ssirhal123(at)aol.com
Norella Zellner James 71-77 zellnerj(at)comcast.net
Antoinette Barela Lopez 4 years
Adrian Garcia Lopez 60 303-453-0999
Antoinette Lopez Barela Lopez 4 years 303-426-4269
Heather Coogan Loughlin 70-71 Cooganh(at)artec.edu
Nancy Mahoney Mahoney 65-66 303-287-7805
Darlene Armbuck Marsh 50 303-232-5728
Daisy Masoner McCracken 52-55 303-922-5265
Carlene Caroccio Milow 52-55 ccaroccio(at)aol.com
Mary Lynn Tucker O’Brien 69-71
Pam Standley Page 2 1/2 years standley4(at)msn.com
Darlene Fredrickson Pratt 3 years darla0002(at)msn.com
Marsha Grese Robinson 2 years magbiker(at)aol.com
Linda Vaccaro Seber 64 – 68 lindavaccaro(at)msn.com
Linda Vaccaro Seber 64-68
Kim Newton Sheeder 69-70 kim.newton(at)jeppesen.com
Rosemary Aguilar Simoni 58 aguilarr2(at)yahoo.com
Peri LaBate Slater 70-72 perilabate(at)aol.com
Charleen Marino Slater 70-72 303-232-2375
Candace Caspraro Stenberg 65-69 mapacapraro(at)earthlink.net
Vicki Bushell Vitello 58 Bushell(at)comcast.com
Connie McAverey Walker 70-72 ctmmacker(at)aol.com
Linda Clark Walters 65-72 303-920-5090
Kathy Rains Walters 72-74 RuinsDen(at)aol.com
Nancy Howenor Williams 60-61 nancyjune4.com
Laura McAllister Williams 55-58 tiny1139(at)comcast.net
Tenel Ashcraft Worley 68-69 303-452-0262 milehitenel(at)msn.com
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